Conventional facing lathe FBV Series: Crafting Tradition, Unleashing Precision

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Conventional Facing Lathe

Conventioanl Facing Lathe



At Key East Machinery, we honor the tradition of precision craftsmanship with our Conventional Facing Lathes. These lathes are the foundation of our industry, built with the strength and reliability you've come to expect. We combine time-tested construction with modern engineering to offer the best of both worlds.




Facing Lathe


also referred to as face lathe


Conventional facing lathes represent the foundation of the machining industry, characterized by their manual operation and skilled craftsmanship. These lathes have been the trusted workhorses of manufacturing for decades, known for their robust construction and time-tested reliability. Craftsmen and operators use their experience and expertise to operate conventional facing lathes, making precision adjustments and controlling the cutting process manually


At Key East Machinery, we celebrate the legacy of craftsmanship while embracing modern precision. Our Conventional Facing Lathe (FBV Series) stands as a testament to traditional machining expertise, complemented by innovative engineering. These lathes offer versatile functions that include precise turning and facing operations. Operators can create custom workpieces with exceptional finishes, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and craftsmanship.


The FBV Series by Key East Machinery empowers craftsmen and manufacturers with the ability to achieve precision and reliability in every rotation. Explore our FBV Series and experience the best of tradition and modern functionality in conventional facing lathes.



  • Craftsman's Companion: The FBV Series pays homage to the art of manual craftsmanship. These lathes are designed for experienced machinists who value hands-on control.
  • Robust Build: Key East Machinery's FBV lathes are engineered with a focus on durability and reliability, ensuring they stand the test of time.
  • Tailored Performance: These lathes offer versatile machining capabilities, accommodating a broad spectrum of workpiece sizes and complexities.
  • Skilled Operator Empowerment: Operators have the freedom to apply their expertise, allowing for the creation of custom and precise workpieces.
  • Advanced Control Options: While emphasizing traditional craftsmanship, the FBV Series also includes modern control features for enhanced performance.
  • Manual Precision: These lathes are ideal for those who appreciate the hands-on, traditional approach to machining and craftsmanship. 

































































































































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