CNC Facing Lathe FBN-B Series: Redefining Precision Machining

CNC Facing Lathe FBN-B Series: Unmatched Precision and Versatility




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CNC Facing Lathe



FBN-B Series: Elevate your machining precision with our versatile CNC Facing Lathes. Specifically designed for extended machining lengths, the FBN-B series empowers you to handle complex contours, large machining diameters, and short workpiece projects effortlessly. Add a tailstock to enhance stability. Choose FBN-B for unmatched flexibility and performance. Experience the Key East Machinery difference: while our FBN series provides strength and precision for large workpieces, the FBN-B series extends capabilities with longer machining lengths. Maximize every rotation with Key East Machinery.



CNC Facing Lathe

also referred to as face lathe


Step into the world of precision and power with Key East Machinery's CNC Facing Lathes. Our CNC Facing Lathes represent the pinnacle of machining excellence, meticulously engineered to enhance your manufacturing prowess. Whether you're sculpting intricate contours or mastering tasks with large machining diameters and short-length workpieces, these machines are your key to achieving unrivaled precision.

Craftsmanship meets innovation in our CNC Facing Lathes. Designed to seamlessly switch between tasks, they reduce setup times, boost productivity, and ensure every rotation counts. When it comes to versatility in machining, our lathes set the industry standard, allowing you to effortlessly conquer complex contours and deliver impeccable finishes.

But it's not just about finesse; our CNC Facing Lathes are built tough. Fearlessly taking on heavy-duty challenges, from shaping massive workpieces to refining the smallest details, their robust construction ensures unwavering strength and pinpoint precision.


Key Features:

  • Extended Machining Length: The FBN-B series offers longer machining lengths, providing versatility for both intricate and extended workpieces.
  • Machining Performance: Built to handle large diameters and short workpiece, these lathes deliver robust strength and precision for a wide range of applications. Also tailstock can be added on FBN-B to enhance the stablity.
  • Seamless Precision: Achieve impeccable finishes with every rotation, thanks to advanced controls and superior engineering.
  • Versatile Contour Machining: Ideal for complex contours and precise facing operations, the FBN-B series ensures consistent and accurate results.
  • Advanced Bed Way Design: Featuring a longitudinal bed way connected to the headstock, the FBN-B series provides stability and reliability.
  • Efficient Setup: Switch seamlessly between facing and turning tasks, reducing setup times and enhancing productivity.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customize your FBN-B lathe to meet specific requirements, ensuring it fits perfectly into your machining processes.
  • Enhanced Machining Capabilities: The FBN-B series opens doors to extended workpiece possibilities, giving you the flexibility to tackle diverse projects.
  • Professional Precision: Trusted by industries for precision machining, Key East Machinery's FBN-B series delivers consistent, high-quality results.
  • Engineering Excellence: Crafted with advanced technology and meticulous attention to detail, these lathes represent the pinnacle of machining innovation.

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