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Conventional flat bed lathe

Conventioanl Lathe Machine



At Key East Machinery, precision and performance are at the core of our machining solutions. The Conventional Flat Bed Lathe stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable machinery to industries that demand nothing less than excellence.




Conventional Flat Bed Lathe


also known as engine lathes,


Conventional lathes are a cornerstone of machining and metalworking. These lathes have a rich history dating back centuries and continue to play a vital role in modern manufacturing. They are characterized by a horizontal bed, hence the name "flat bed," where the workpiece is clamped and rotated. Conventional flat bed lathes are operated manually and are highly versatile machines used for various turning operations.


Conventional flat bed lathes are designed for precision turning, which involves removing material from a workpiece to create cylindrical, conical, or flat surfaces.
Their functions include:

  • Facing: Creating a smooth, flat surface on the end of a workpiece, essential for subsequent machining processes.
  • Turning: Shaping the exterior of a workpiece, such as creating threads, tapers, or other complex geometries.
  • Boring: Enlarging or refining existing holes or cavities within the workpiece.
  • Drilling: Creating holes in the workpiece, often a starting point for further operations.
  • Tapering: Gradually changing the diameter of the workpiece over a specific length.


Applications of Conventional Flat Bed Lathes: 

Conventional flat bed lathes find applications across diverse industries, including: 

  • Automotive: Creating engine components, brake rotors, and axles. 
  • Aerospace: Manufacturing aircraft components like landing gear and engine parts. 
  • General Manufacturing: Producing a wide range of parts, from screws and bolts to hydraulic components. 
  • Toolmaking: Crafting precision cutting tools and dies. 
  • Repair Work: Restoring or modifying worn or damaged parts.
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Key Features:


  • Manual Operation: These lathes are operated by machinists who control the cutting tool's movements and feed manually.
  • Horizontal Bed: The workpiece rests horizontally, making it ideal for cylindrical and flat surface operations.
  • Versatility: Capable of working with various materials, from metals to plastics.
  • Precision: Manual control allows for fine adjustments, resulting in highly accurate components.
  • Sturdiness: Built to withstand heavy-duty, continuous use in industrial settings

































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