Mastering Complex Machining with BN Series CNC Lathes

Tailored Solutions for Your Exact Machining Needs




Your Premier Taiwanese Manufacturer in Flat-Bed CNC Lathes

Heavy Duty CNC Lathe



Key East Machinery's BN Series, part of our large flat-bed CNC lathes, stands out for its precision and advanced design. With cutting-edge control systems and a robust build, it delivers exceptional accuracy and versatility for heavy-duty machining. Customization options are available to tailor the machine to specific needs, making it the optimal choice for industries that demand precise and efficient machining solutions.



Flat-Bed CNC Lathe

also referred to as flat-bed turning machines or horizontal turning machines.


In the world of CNC lathes, flat-bed machines stand out for several reasons, especially when compared to slant bed lathes. One significant advantage is the multi-speed spindle box, which provides greater flexibility, particularly in choosing accessories. This flexibility sets flat-bed CNC lathes apart from slant lathes. It empowers us to tailor accessories and provide a variety of swing-over-bed options to cater to our customers' specific requirements, making flat-bed lathes an ideal choice for precision machining of sizable workpieces and tackling demanding, heavy-duty tasks.





  • Versatility and Customization: Flat-bed CNC lathes empower users with the capacity to select accessories that align precisely with their unique needs, enabling tailor-made solutions.  
  • Spindle Bore Flexibility: These lathes often offer a diverse range of spindle bore sizes, accommodating various tooling demands and enhancing adaptability.  
  • Heavy-Duty Capability: Engineered for rugged performance, flat-bed lathes excel in high-stress machining applications, making them indispensable in industries requiring robust precision.  
  • Stability and Precision: The inherent stability of the flat-bed design translates into superior machining precision and exceptional surface finishing.  
  • Maintenance Efficiency: Maintenance tasks are streamlined, contributing to reduced downtime and heightened operational productivity.

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